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In market research it’s all about knowledge, understanding and insight.

Market research is a serious business that, in addition to knowledge on methods and techniques, also primarily requires knowledge of people and organisations and experience and objectivity. The profession of market and opinion research is full of pitfalls, and probably the most dangerous of these is that you always get an answer if you ask someone a question. All these answers are then rapidly transformed into a nice table, diagram or quick conclusion that is then absorbed by the organisation as (false) truth. In addition to knowledge and experience, researchers also need flexibility and freedom of choice to be able to avoid all this. To be able to offer optimum an agency must not be fixated on one successful method of approach or the necessity to keep the interviewers at work. At Environs – even though we have convenient standard methods and a bag full of research tools - the aim (and the target group) must always determine the resources!

Market specialisation and insight into specific segments, target groups, environments and cultures facilitate a better research design and more effective utilisation of the results. After all, each market has its own structure, language and “Umfeld”, with specific features, needs, wishes, experiences, problems and challenges. In short, a unique frame of reference. This requires a mix of knowledge, affinity (for understanding and insight) and distance (for objective observations). Researchers who always look around a little further and get into the skin of the target group.

The special position of Environs is based on the combination of professional knowledge. Using our decades of accumulated knowledge of methods and marketing enables the execution of smarter and more efficient research, the posing of understandable and especially better questions and also enables more effective analysis of the answers provided and behaviour displayed by the target group. This increases the speed at which market signals are recognised and understood. This makes our conclusions and recommendations valuable and applicable in practice, and this makes research reliable and USEFUL. 

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