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Environs comfortably uses all conventional research methods and has also developed a unique set of specialist techniques: tools for custom-made communication, product development and image research.


Environs has all the expertise to answer any question you might have.


Qualitative Research: 

          • In-Depth Interviews
          • Duo Interviews
          • Expert Interviews
          • Creative Brainstorming Sessions
          • Focus Groups (All Target Groups)
          • Platform Sessions and Round Table Discussions
          • Delphi Method

Hybrid – Semi-Qualitative Research:
          • Triple-Q Scan®

Quantitative Research:

Face-to-Face (in-home, in-office or on location)
Telephone (CATI)
Web Research
          • ID-Scan®
          • Promo-Scan®
Panel (Consumers and Professionals)
Mail Surveys

Some of Our Research Specialties:

Product Development and Market Introductions
          • Idea Generation
          • Idea Screening and Concept Testing (ID Scan®)
          • Reception and Positioning Studies
          • Product Testing (for Fresh Food with Triple Q Scan®)
Brand Awareness Studies and Image Testing
Brand Performance Studies
Advertising pre-tests ( Promo-Scan® )
Price and Appreciation Studies
Customer Satisfaction and Employee Motivation Studies
Customer Loyalty (see also: Relation)
Media Studies
Mystery Shopping
Consultancy in Specialised Markets 

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