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Sustainability and the environment

Environs has been involved in the International Environment Monitor© (IEM©) since its very beginning. The IEM© is a world-wide study (covering more than 30 countries) into public opinion on a wide range of topics related to the environment and issues like climate changes, modern technology, corporate social responsibility, car-use, and durable building and manufacturing. Both in 1997 and 2000, Environs was responsible for the Dutch part of this study. The results were given sizeable media attention (newspapers, industry publications) and were used in reports for the various branches of industry on a large number of issues.


Specialising in the areas of food, agriculture (food safety, gene technology, intensive animal husbandry, waste disposal), transport (car use, noise pollution), energy (sustainable, durable) and labour, we have become an authority on the view of citizens and corporations on corporate social responsibility and the influence public opinion and the media have on the government and corporations.


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